The Halyard Hitch is for Sale!

Get your paperback for $9.99 or ebook for $3.99!

It’s the summer of 1947 in San Francisco and Grace “Ace” Springfield is sick of boring cases. Her boss, private detective Mel Gance, is depressed. Following the events of a clear case, his insides are in a knot. And Ace feels like her hands are tied. Something’s gotta give. In a last-ditch attempt to free Gance, Ace takes the case of a missing man with a grandmother and a past. Facing the ultimate ultimatum, Gance must follow the the clues to union interests, confidence games, patriotism, self deception, and Wendy the Welder. If Gance can’t untie his hitch, he may have to cut it off. For failing this to solve this case could very well mean losing his pocket Ace.


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